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There's always one. And it's about time we flip the industries practices to address it. Our tonal sandal with flippable back straps does just that.


Leather - 100% upcycled post-industrial leather waste.
Mesh - 100% upcycled post-consumer pet waste.
Cushioning - 100% upcycled post-consumer garment waste.
Organic Lining - 100% self-replenishing bamboo.  


Our signature sole is reengineered from plant-based materials making it 100 % free for crude oil derived plastics and petrochemicals.

It is also recyclable, so we encourage you to return it after use for recycling.

Footbed - 94% Bio-Based. Made from natural rubber and cork with bio-based oils and plasticisers.

Outsole - 70% Bio-Based. Made from natural rubber and rice husk with bio-based oils and plasticisers.




*Colours may vary slightly from images. 

Slow manufacturing that's inclusive.

All our designs are ungendered.

Please refer to this  SIZEGUIDE for better fits.

Sandals will be shipped out in 3/4 weeks from the date of order. 

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